Our customer service policy has been established to be reflective of our shared values which are courage, honesty, integrity, innovation, and commitment

All Sai Office Supplies customers will be treated promptly and respectively without regard to age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, language proficiency, social or economic status.


This policy is designed to develop an organizational culture focused on meeting the needs and expectations of the customer and continuously improving the services rendered to our customers.
It is designed to provide a comprehensive benchmark against, which the current service delivery will be assessed and form building blocks improving the delivery to our customers.
The policy also ensures that the organization constantly trains all staff members on the importance of quality service.


At Sai Office Supplies, we pledge that:

  • We shall treat all our customers with fairness, integrity, respect and free from discrimination.
  • We shall make every effort to provide transformational services to our customers.
  • We shall make clear how our products and services work, our commitments and contractual obligations and responsibilities.
  • We shall provide honest responses and honor our promises to our customers.
  • We shall listen to our customers and take their views and needs seriously.
  • We shall put you, the customer, first.
  • We shall provide all the necessary information that you need to get the best experience and value from our partnership.
  • We shall embrace your complaints as opportunities to improve our services to you.
  • All customer concerns shall be appropriated to the department best suited to respond.


a) Customer service satisfaction

  • This will be done through surveys. We shall proactively reconnect with customers and request for their feedback.

b) Improve account agent response and resolution time

  • This will be done through an internal benchmark that will measure agent output.
  • Conduct staff training

c) Increase customer lifetime value (CLV)

  • Continuously monitor customer purchasing trends YOY which will give insight on customer average purchase value
  • Invest in building long term relationships with the customers

d)Build brand trust

  • Ensure that customers trust our brand thereby becoming advocates for Sai Office Supplies.
  • Always deliver on our promise
  • Be consistent in our deliverables
  • Be empathetic and reassuring
  • Be transparent


  • Customers will be greeted with a smile to communicate willingness to help, speak courteously, clearly and in a friendly manner.
  • Eye contact will always be maintained, and the client given 100% attention.
  • The client’s name will be used at least twice during a conversation, if known, if not known, courteously ask for the name.
  • An open posture will be displayed, and a positive, receptive attitude maintained.
  • Always ask question to cross-check understanding.
  • Customer’s information will not be shared with other customers within the organization.
  • Our customers will always be treated with priority.
  • Customers’ needs are unique, and all responses will be customized.
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