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We offer short and long-term leasing of Photocopiers and Production Printers through our affiliate company – Office Technologies Limited.


In terms of leasing solutions, we are unrivaled because we are the first company in Kenya to offer leasing services for Photocopiers and Production Printers and secondly because our leasing plans are very comprehensive and customer-friendly, and this is why we remain the preferred partners for leasing. Please contact us for any of your leasing solutions. We offer the following leasing solutions…

  • Short Term: Leasing photocopiers and production printers on a short-term basis can be of financial benefit to your business. Let us provide you with the very best of our printers. Please contact us for any of your short-term leasing solutions.
  • Long Term: Our leasing solution offers you access to modern equipment without the need to invest large amounts of capital on the equipment. We have in the stock quality and capable printers and photocopiers that are ideal for corporates on a long-term basis.

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