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Having a power inverter means you’ll steadily gain access to an alternative power source. We are the official authorized distributors for APC in the East African region and we supply a vast range of power inverters. Get in touch with us in order to find out which power source would best suit you, we have a wide range of power source models to choose from.


We have been distributing UPS systems since 1996, and this is why our services come with experience and quality. We have Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment that protects your electronics from irregular power supplies, hence making them last longer. We deal in single phase and 3 phase UPS systems with brands like APC, Eaton, Triplite, Officepoint, Mercury, Sukam, and Mecer.

  • Single-phase UPS system

Single-phase UPS has a single input and output source to the electrical equipment. Single-phase uninterruptible power supplies typically cover requirements up to 20 kVA and are used for smaller installations such as rack-mounted servers, telecoms or computer systems, and network switches, along with any device that runs directly from a standard three-pin plug.

  • Three-phase UPS system

Three-phase UPS is the standard choice for larger installations with critical loads such as data centres, industrial applications, and medical environments, as well as protecting equipment with motors such as lifts, pumps, and fans.

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