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I.T Solutions & Office Automation

We cater to all your computing technology requirements for your routine business operations. At Sai office, you can get all the accessories you need for a smooth and comfortable user experience. You choose, and we deliver. View our range of I.T products here

Printing & Imaging Hardware Devices

We are the major dealers of numerous international brands for your quality printing and imaging devices. We offer a broad range of printer brands from Konica Minolta, HP, Brother, Epson, Canon and a lot more. These brands will enhance creative productivity in your routine business activities.


Sai Office Printing & Imaging Hardware Devices

Audio Visuals

We can supply you with quality audiovisual equipment for all your corporate needs, from boardroom business meetings, shopping mall announcement speaker systems, hospital screens and speakers to grand weddings, birthdays and church functions, we’ve got it all. We deal with leading global manufacturers.

Sai Office Audio Visuals

Networking and Security Solutions

Every day we are confronted with so many online and office related security threats from hackers, phishers, viruses, malware, spam, loss of essential files and much more. These threats are trying to disrupt your workflow, to shift your business operations to a complete standstill. We provide security solutions that will protect your business network and ensure business carries on normally and to its most optimum levels.

Sai Office Networking and Security Solutions

IT & Data Centre Solutions

Acquire your data center solution from Sai office supplies; We provide the most efficient large-scale infrastructure as a service for your day to day business operations. We offer a comprehensive personalized solution to meet your needs and we stock the most capable network and hosting solutions. To enable you to support your business operations, let us supply you with unlimited resources at the palm of your hands. We deal in renowned brands like APC & Eaton.


Sai Office IT & Data Centre Solutions


Having a power inverter means you’ll steadily gain access to an alternative power source. We are the official authorized distributors for APC in the East African region and we supply a vast range of power inverters. Get in touch with us in order to find out which power source would best suit you, we have a wide range of power source models to choose from.

Sai Office Power

Office Automation

We can provide you with an office automation system that will collect, process, store and transmit documents and other forms of communication among your work environments.

Sai Office Office Automation
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