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We have Air Conditioners, Commercial Outdoor Units, and Cassette ACs. We are the official distributors for Blue Edge in the East African region providing quality cooling equipment that will ensure you are satisfied. They are also available on a short- and long-term lease through our affiliate company – Office Technologies Limited.  

Air Conditioner

We offer various kinds of air conditioning units with various capacities such as 12,000 BTU, 18,000 BTU and 24,000 BTU. Our Blue Edge Air Conditioners boast the following features:

  • Long Distance Airflow: The airflow distance could reach 15m (the highest level in the market is currently 12m).
  • Bigger air inlet structure: Air inlet space increased by 6.3%, as compared to other competitive models.
  • Self-cleaning technology: Prevents breeding of bacteria in the unit.
  • Smart Control: Air condition with WIFI technology (optional). It allows you to control the unit from your smart device. A mobile app is available on the Play Store, AC Freedom.

Sai Office Air Conditioner

Commercial Outdoor Units

We have an entire line of external commercial units fit for your recreational purposes. Our built-to-last outdoor units are enhanced to deliver performances for various ranges of industrial applications.

Sai Office Commercial Outdoor Units

Cassette Air Conditioner

We are the official distributors of a variety of Hisense ceiling cassette air conditioners with ducting included. These cooling units are built with an ultra-slim and supreme architecture fit for your corporate needs.

Sai Office Cassette Air Conditioner
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