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Limit your energy bills by investing in high-quality solar equipment. All our solar types of equipment are from the world-renowned brand – Blue Edge.

Solar Panels

We have in stock, affordable and the most outstanding quality solar panels for your home and commercial use. Limit your energy bills by investing in high-quality solar power devices of all kinds that blend in with your roof.

Sai Office Solar Panels

Solar Water Heaters

Make your home solar efficient, with our range of solar heaters:

  • Non-Pressurized
  • Pressurized Heat Pipe
  • Pressurized Flat Panel
  • Split Pressurized Flat Panel

Sai Office Solar Water Heaters

Solar Power Inverters

We sell high-quality Solar Power Inverters for competitive prices. Let us supply you with the most affordable Solar Power Inverters. Our Power Inverters have features such as:

  • Automatic Recovery / Cooling Fan Protection Function.
  • Voltage, Temperature, Overload and Short Circuit Protection.
  • External Fuse – Easy Replacement available in 300W, 500W, 800W, and 1000W capacities.

Sai Office Solar Power Inverters

Solar Batteries

We specialize in all brands of solar batteries. Browse through our categories for your durable solar battery.

Sai Office Solar Batteries

Solar Water Pumps

We stock a wide variety of solar water pumps for all your requirements, get in touch to find the best fit for you.

Sai Office Solar Water Pumps
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