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We are the authorized distributors for Maped, Crayola, and UHU in the entire East African region. We also sell products of other renowned brands like Kangaro, Pritt, Uni-ball, Staedtler, Oxford, and Helix. Please contact us and let us give you the very best office stationery products.


Officepoint is a Sai Office brand that focuses on office stationery. Officepoint deals with numerous products such as general stationery, files & folders, desk accessories, presentation boards, and lots more.

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Sai Office Officepoint


Veda is a brand under Sai Office that deals primarily in stationery supplies for children, from school bags, paint palettes, paper crepes to geometrical sets. Veda has got everything your child would need at school.

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Sai Office Veda
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