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General Hardware

All the materials and tools you may need for any building project. Get supplies for any project from a home DIY job to an industrial construction site.

Paints and Accessories

We are Tanzania’s leading group of paint stores where you can find leading paint brands like Crown Paints and Crown Classics plus a full range of painting accessories. We specialize in providing paint and painting related tools delivered to your door; at home or work. Our pride lies in serving commercial painting contractors, interior designers and homeowners. Thankfully you won’t need to look too far to find us because we cater to your painting solutions.

Sai Office Paints and Accessories

Pipes and Fittings

Sai Office Supplies has provided quality pipes to homes and firms across Tanzania. We create solutions for Civil Contractors, Plumbers, Councils, Water Authorities, Public Works Departments, Plumbing Supply Firms. Our experienced team will ensure the perfect selection for your specific project. Shop our selection of Pipe & Fittings for plumbing purposes in suitable buildings for water supply lines, well pumps and sewage. We have PVC Waste Water Pipes, CPVC Pipes and PPR Pipes.

Sai Office Pipes and Fittings

Roofing Sheets

For the most reliable metal roofing sheets in Tanzania, come to Sai Office. Our roofing systems can provide your home or office with the protection you will need against the harmful elements. With Distribution points throughout Tanzania, we can provide you with quality products no matter where you are. We sell high-quality, roofing sheets with high impact resistance. Check out our full assortment of roof panels like Galvanised Corrugated Sheets, Covermax Box Profile, Versatile Roofing Sheet Tile Red, Versatile Roofing Sheets and lots more.

Sai Office Roofing Sheets


We have a proper range of sinks for every functional space in your home. Shop for the perfect kitchen sink from a variety of contemporary designs, bringing you the best in modern living. Confer prestige to your kitchen or bar with top-class sinks by finding the right sink to help complete your home improvement project. We have a comprehensive range of Ceramic or Stainless Steel Sinks.

Sai Office Sinks

Discs & Abrasives

Our Cutting and grinding discs can be set up with a minimum of effort within a very short time and subsequently allows customers to save costs and time as well as to ensure constant process quality.

We keep stocks from 4 ½” inch discs to 14” inch sizes.

Sai Office Discs & Abrasives

Adhesives & Sealants

We import high quality, quick to dry Sealants from China in Blueedge Brand. Our Adhesives & Sealants can enough adhesion ability to hold two surfaces together. Our adhesive have more power for holding and bonding, and sealants are great for air and water tight spaces between windows and frames.

Sai Office Adhesives & Sealants

Fire Fighting Equipment

Modernized firefighting, law enforcement and rescue response units need access to a collection of equipment so they can act appropriately and decisively to fire and other events, bringing them under control as soon as possible with minimum loss of property or damage. We deal with outstanding and reliable pipes that offer Power and precision against fires. Available in stock are Portable Fire Hose Pipe, trusted by firefighters in Tanzania.

Sai Office Fire Fighting Equipment


Preserve your water with our long-lasting residential and commercial water tanks. We are dedicated to providing high-quality plastic water storage tanks. We pride ourselves on individual and specialized customer service. Our water tanks come in various shapes and sizes from 500 Litres to 10,000 Litres to serve your water storage needs. Order now to get your water tank shipped directly to you.

Sai Office Tanks

Water Meters

Did you know you can easily track your water usage by conducting a meter test? You can monitor or check your water use levels by reading your water meter and recording the amounts; this can help you confirm a bill or identify which appliances and activities use the most water. At Sai Office, we provide high-precision water meters from leading manufacturers like B Meters. Water Meters are suitable in a variety of environments, including agriculture, industry, mining, and more.

Sai Office Water Meters

Water Heaters

Whether you live in an inner-city apartment or on a 1 acre block, in modern Tanzanian households, the need to preserve space is more significant than ever. Installing a tankless hot water system will save you considerable space while also delivering environmental and financial benefits. With our extensive range of top-quality water heaters, you’re sure to secure a system that accommodates your needs. Shop for water heaters from top manufacturing brands like Haier, Ariston, Astra and Jatec.

Sai Office Water Heaters
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