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Manhole Covers

We are the leading distributors of Manhole covers. The Blue Edge Manhole covers for Cast Iron and Resin which gives you reliability and sustainability for the long term. We are the leading distributors of Manhole covers. You can use our product for any area like garden, parking slots or other projects. Our various range of manhole covers can bear weight from 2 to 30 tonnes. We deal with various types of manhole covers including PVC, Resin, Cast Iron, and Heavy Duty.

PVC Manholes

This polymer provides you with rigid or flexible manholes to suit your needs.

Sai Office PVC Manholes

Cast Iron Manholes

These manholes are highly resistant to damage by deformation and oxidation. You can trust our cast iron manholes can survive varied conditions.

Sai Office Cast Iron Manholes

Resin Manholes

These manholes provide you with a build that is stronger than concrete, seamless and waterproof.

Sai Office Resin Manholes

Heavy Duty Manholes

These manholes are built to last and offer years of durability for your building projects.

Sai Office Heavy Duty Manholes
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