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At Sai Office, we truly believe giving back to society is of utmost importance to enable a sustainable economy. We have taken numerous initiatives to support this cause and below are some of them.


Donation of Desks to Parkroad Primary School

How joyous and heart-warming it was to be part of the CSR Project from Sai Office Supplies Limited.

Taking care of Parkroad Primary School, an experience much anticipated as Mr. Anand Dave had been educated in that particular primary school, decided to donate over 100 sturdy desks and chairs, and make the classrooms (once again) look cool.

A speech was made, songs were sung, much gratitude and appreciation from the happy school children and staff were shown, but the words that were used by Mr. Anand, will surely be forever known.

He said, β€œIt is always important to remember where you came from, and also, to always try to do things from your heart.”

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27th SEPTEMBER 2019

Donation of Always Sanitary Towels to Parkroad Primary School

Once again, the Sai Office CSR Team came together to see how we can make our society better. We decided to support over 270 girls (from standard 4 to standard 8) at Parkroad Primary School with Always sanitary towels - in order for the girls to continue coming to school.

19 Cartons of Sanitry Towels

As different team members of Sai Office pledged amounts of money that definitely deserves huge applause, we managed to raise enough funds to buy 19 cartons of sanitary towels (with 16 packets inside each carton) to support the girls in this noble cause.

There was so much energy, so much appreciation from all the girls - who were all packed into their school hall.

Our fellow team member, Risper, also shared some golden advice, to help them lead successful lives - to all the girls- from big to small.

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